Family Histories & Life Stories

How many times have you thought of writing a family history or your own life story, but never found the time?

Video Links Productions offers clients the opportunity to preserve their life story or their family’s history by recording it on video at a reasonable cost. VLP staff assists clients to prepare for their video projects.

Clients create a treasured keepsake of detailed family information for future generations.

Our videos include music, titles and credits, similar to a television documentary program. Clients’ family photos and segments of videotape in older formats may be included in the videos.

More than one family member may be involved in the taping. A dialogue between two family members is an option, with one acting as the interviewer, using thoughtful questions to prompt memories from the other person.

Family Album Slide Show

Video Links Productions turns your favourite family photos into a slide show on DVD.  Titles, music and captions are included. Clients may add their own narration to explain the importance of the photos.  Give the lasting gift of a family album on DVD to each member of your family to enjoy and appreciate.

The memories we create with family and friends help to shape our lives and make us the people we are.