Storybook Reading

For children who live at a distance


Video Links Productions videotapes clients in their own homes reading stories that are age-appropriate for the children in their lives.

The DVD and the books, given together make a wonderful, personalized gift for young family members living at a distance.

Video Links Productions staff will assist in choosing appropriate books. Music, screen titles and credits are added to the video. The result looks like a television show, starring the grandparent.


Video Links Productions offers you a unique opportunity to contribute to your grandchildren’s learning.

Share with them your enjoyment of reading good books. Children who are read to regularly learn to read more easily, and become more efficient learners and have an easier time at school. Also, if they love to read, children will never be bored.


If you have to be away for an extended period, leave a DVD of wonderful stories as a way of shortening the time and distance for your children.

Please Note:

A portion of the profits from The Story Reading for Children video projects is donated to the Raise-a-Reader campaign (a local and national children’s literacy organization) and to CODE (an international agency promoting children’s literacy in Africa and the Caribbean).

If you would like to donate to these organizations, click on their logos below: