Barbara's grandfather, Thomas Strachan, circa 1910

Thank you so very much. Your carefully crafted questions that caused me to ponder and stretch, your excellent editing of all my family ramblings has created a DVD picture of the history of my life. And you caused me to laugh and cry, my cheeks were moist more than once. I will always treasure your presentation of my family history.”
Derek D., Victoria.

“Recently I contracted with Barb and her company to help me put a DVD presentation together for my grandson Charlie’s 4th birthday. Charlie resides in Southern California and I wanted to be sure he did not lose touch with who I am, where I live, and what I do in my life here in Victoria. The results were far better than I could have ever imagined and the DVD touched the hearts of all my family who received a copy of the finished project.  In this day and age, many of us are absent from close family members and I found this medium to be such a wonderful reminder of my love for Charlie and as well a treasured keepsake for years to come for all my family.”
Sincerely, Carole F., Victoria, BC

“Having just viewed the DVD prepared for me by Barbara Strachan, I must say that I am most pleased. The end result has exceeded my expectations. The professional appearance of the menu set-up, the quality of the sound and the creativity involved in the actual filming of my family is outstanding. I enjoyed being involved in the process every step along the way but also appreciated the intuitiveness, attention to detail and genuine caring about the finished product that Barbara demonstrated throughout. Her ongoing concern about fulfilling my goals (to capture my young family for posterity) in this business venture should be a hallmark for businesswomen everywhere.”
Karin R., Lindsay, Ontario

“Dear Barbara:  I wanted to write and tell you how happy our family is with the video you made for us this past summer. We really appreciate that you could make arrangements to come to the family cottage and record the ‘Life and Times of Bill Caldwell’ while you were visiting in Ontario. We now have a permanent record of my Dad and his family history as well as his personal history and business and community contributions. Dad was so worried that his memory would not allow him to remember details, however, you were able to capture 3 hours of stories, anecdotes and family history that we will have for generations to come. I think we may have to do a Part 2 in the future as he tells us he had a lot more to say! To say that this project gave my Dad an emotional lift would be an understatement. He was so pleased that he could recall so much and in such detail about his past ancestors and his years growing up and building his business. Whenever he doubts himself, we remind him of the DVD and all that he was able to record for our family. Thank you so much for facilitating this piece of our family history.”
Sincerely, Linda L., Victoria, BC

“My daughter-in-law in Pennsylvania makes a big deal out of the DVD we made for our grandchildren. The grandkids love it! They squeal with delight when it is ‘Grandma/Grandpa’ time. Every Saturday after supper, they watch us read the book twice. Once is never enough! And they absolutely love waving at us at the end through all the credits. While her 5 year old sister is at school, the 2 1/2 year old sits by herself and goes through the alphabet book naming all the letters. The DVD is the very best present that we could have sent our granddaughters. So thank you, Barbara, for the fun our family is having with our DVDs.”
Paula M., Victoria, BC